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For nearly four decades I have been blessed to live with and care for elephants. Thanks to my relationship with Tarra and the inspiration she is to me, I helped create a most amazing 2700-acre natural habitat refuge for elephants. The powerful sense of responsibility I feel for Tarra’s welfare has never lessened and by association I share a similar sense of responsibility to all elephants living in captivity.

Over the past fifteen years I have had the opportunity to help many elephants living in less than suitable captive situations find sanctuary. My efforts in the United States will continue but now I am pleased to announce that I am about to expand my work globally. The idea of taking my vision global is exhilarating.

Elephant Aid International ~ a nonprofit organization

Press Release: April 12, 2010

Over the next year I will travel internationally seeking projects and problems, brainstorming ideas with others involved in elephant welfare and assisting those in need. My goal is to be a resource, bringing to the table all that my work has taught me over these past thirty-six years. Providing sanctuary is a worldwide need, and now I plan to make it a reality far beyond the perimeter fence of The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

The mission of Elephant Aid International is to assist elephants worldwide…one elephant at a time. I believe in the power of one, that every elephant counts. On my travels I will be searching for opportunities to learn about elephant and mahout life in Nepal, India and Thailand. Whenever and wherever possible, I hope to impart what elephants have taught me about non dominance passive-control management and the sanctuary life style.

With elephants being banned from zoos in India and mahouts forbidden from bringing elephants into Bangkok to beg on the streets, the time to manifest solutions is now. I am excited about the possibilities of creating sanctuaries where wild-born, captivity-raised elephants can once again be returned to a semi-wild environment. My work has demonstrated that given sanctuary, elephants naturally form lifelong bonds. Even unrelated herd members form relationships reminiscent of the family dynamics of their wild counter parts.

Now is a time for change and I intend to be in the forefront of that change, helping in any way that I can. Be sure to subscribe to my new blog—elevisions—where I will chronicle my travels and experiences.

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